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G - Games   GS - Started   2PT - 2-Pointers Made   3PT - 3-Pointers Made   FTM - Free Throws Made   FTA - Free Throws Attempted   FT% - Free Throw Percentage   OFF - Offensive Rebounds   DEF - Defensive Rebounds   TRBS - Total Rebounds   PF - Personal Fouls   AST - Assists   ST - Steals   PTS - Points   PPG - Points Per Game  
Joseph ArmstrongU10 Tigers0000000%00000000
Leo DaviesU10 Tigers2000000%00000000.0
Joseph De-BenedictisU14 Tigers0000000%00000000
Noah HicksU16 Tigers0000000%00000000
05 (O/W)Charlie SimsU10 Tigers4100000%00000000.0
06 (O/W)Kate ShephardU10 Tigers1010000%00000022.0
21 (O/W)Marcus ChiU10 Tigers2000000%00000000.0
22 (O/W)Dante LemonheighU10 Tigers4030000%00000061.5
G04Kaleb DaviesU18 Tigers10001250.0%00010011.0
G05Dylan EvansU16 Tigers44170132552.0%471113494711.8
G08Cameron WitheyU16 Tigers1000000%10100000.0
G10Euan WilliamsU18 Tigers0000000%01100000
G11Ieuan EvansU16 Tigers0000000%00000000
G13 OW13Dewi HobbsU16 Tigers76397111957.9%8374520102011015.7
G21 Harri WelshU16 Tigers5522051926.3%265278751499.8
G22 OW22Jacob GibbonsU16 Tigers5422231915.8%61319148105310.6
G33Jack WilliamsU16 Tigers5330000%14520061.2
G41Mcauly JonesU16 Tigers55921616.7%59141054255.0
G42Kian WilliamsU16 Tigers30102450.0%02220041.3
G45Spencer WebberU14 Tigers30101425.0%5131840131.0
OB04Isabelle CartwrightU12 Tigers 2010000%00000021.0
OB06Maizie HollandU12 Tigers 6120000%00000040.7
OB07Abigail CliffordU12 Tigers 2200000%00000000.0
OB08James AlfordU12 Tigers 4110000%00000020.5
OB09Joshua DaviesU12 Tigers 7500000%00000000.0
OB10Ollie WilliamsU12 Tigers 8090000%000000182.3
OB11Riley PothecaryU12 Tigers 2110000%00000021.0
OB12Gethin BaylissU12 Tigers 8690000%000000182.3
OB14Ethan ThomasU12 Tigers 7100000%00000000.0
OB16Luke CaradangU12 Tigers 6610000%00000020.3
OB17/Y12Corey VranchU12 Tigers 2230000%00000063.0
OB18Logan WilliamsU12 Tigers 88160000%000000324.0
OB19Kori PanesU12 Tigers 44140020.0%000000287.0
OB20Brooklyn GiboneyU12 Tigers 2120000%00000042.0
OB21Jack JonesU12 Tigers 3260000%000000124.0
OW08Luke AddisU18 Tigers33801333.3%8412424175.7
OW11Jake ReesU18 Tigers31923837.5%134511279.0
OW12Ifan Summerhill-DaviesU18 Tigers332033100.0%3202390272.3
OW14Evan MorganU18 Tigers32202450.0%24652162.0
OW15Jacob HolmesU18 Tigers32621333.3%077600196.3
OW22Morgan LarkeU18 Tigers31901333.3%279832196.3
OW23James EvansU18 Tigers3130020.0%18960162.0
Y09/OB13Anya HicksU14 Tigers0000000%00000000

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