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Player NamePosition
Luke AddisGuard / Forward
Jacob  AllenForward
Tomas AtkinsGuard / Forward
Ethan AtkinsForward
Rhodri BaylissForward
Gethin BaylissForward
Player NamePosition
Luke CaradangForward
Isabelle CartwrightForward
Abigail CliffordForward
Aston DaleyForward
Kaleb DaviesForward
Zak DaviesGuard / Forward
Player NamePosition
Rhys EvansGuard
James EvansForward
Dylan EvansGuard
Bailey FrenchForward
Jacob GibbonsGuard / Forward
Anya HicksForward
Player NamePosition
Anya HicksForward
Dewi HobbsGuard / Forward
Maizie HollandForward
Jacob  HolmesForward
Thomas JanesForward
Mcauly JonesGuard / Forward
Player NamePosition
Ethan LancasterGuard
Morgan LarkeForward
Evan MorganForward
Thomas MundayGuard / Forward
Joss PhillipsForward
Charlie SimsGuard
Player NamePosition
Ifan Summerhill-DaviesForward
David TranForward
Corey VranchForward
Spencer WebberForward
Harry WebberForward
Harry WebberForward
Player NamePosition
Harri WelshCentre / Forward
Harri WelshCentre / Forward
Euan WilliamsForward
Logan WilliamsForward
Jack WilliamsForward
Ollie WilliamsForward

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