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TBD1:00 pmPanthers A - U10 Tigers - UnknownU10 Tournament
TBD12:30 pmMerthyr Mustangs - U10 Tigers - Hawthorn High School (Panthers)U10 Tournament
TBD11:45 amPanthers B - U10 Tigers - Hawthorn High School (Panthers)U10 Tournament
TBD9:45 amVALE VIPERS43U11 Tigers33Cowbridge Comp School (Vipers)Regular Season
TBD10:00 amCardiff Met Archers U12 - U11 Tigers - Cardiff Met Archers (UWIC)Regular Season
Apr 29, 20246:00 pmPanthers B0U11 Tigers20Y PANT School, Llantrisant Regular Season
Apr 26, 20247:15 pmTigers Men71EBBW VALE VIKINGS50Tonyrefail LC (Tigers)Senior League Match
Apr 24, 20246:15 pmU11 Tigers33VALE VIPERS43Tonyrefail LC (Tigers)Regular Season
Apr 19, 20247:15 pmU14 Tigers30Cardiff Met Archers U1457Tonyrefail LC (Tigers)U14 League Match
Apr 12, 20247:15 pmU14 Tigers12Swansea Storm U1485Tonyrefail LC (Tigers)U14 League Match
Apr 7, 202411:30 amCARDIFF HUNTERS69U14 Tigers54St Davids Catholic CollegeU14 League Match
Mar 22, 20247:30 pmSwansea Storm U1489U14 Tigers25LC2 Swansea (Storm)U14 League Match
Mar 17, 20249:15 amU14 Tigers20COUGARS0Tonyrefail LC (Tigers)U14 League Match
Mar 15, 20247:15 pmU14 Tigers68CSSC Swansea Storm Troopers56Tonyrefail LC (Tigers)U14 League Match
Mar 5, 20247:45 pmVale Vipers U1458U14 Tigers41Cadoxton Primary School, Barry (Vipers)U14 League Match
Mar 3, 20246:00 pmCaerphilly Cobras 275Tigers Men49Abervalley YMCASenior League Match
Mar 3, 202410:00 amU14 Tigers71Cardiff Met Archers U14B38Tonyrefail LC (Tigers)U14 League Match
Mar 1, 20247:15 pmU14 Tigers20Vale Vipers U140Tonyrefail LC (Tigers)U14 League Match
Feb 25, 202410:15 pmU11 Tigers21Cardiff Met Archers U1246Tonyrefail LC (Tigers)Regular Season
Feb 21, 20245:15 pmCardiff City 68U14 Tigers46Butetown PavillionU14 League Match
Feb 16, 20247:15 pmU14 Tigers38Cardiff City 59Tonyrefail LC (Tigers)U14 League Match
Feb 9, 20247:00 pmU14 Tigers53SWANSEA STORM B62Tonyrefail LC (Tigers)U14 League Match
Feb 7, 20246:00 pmPort Talbot Spartans 85U14 Tigers33Cefn Saeson Comprehensive School, SA113TU14 League Match
Feb 4, 202410:00 amTigers Men20RCT Gladiators 20Tonyrefail LC (Tigers)Senior League Match
Feb 4, 202412:00 amCardiff Met Archers U1483U14 Tigers41Cardiff Met Archers (UWIC)U14 League Match
Feb 2, 20247:15 pmU11 Tigers29NEWBRIDGE RAIDERS38Tonyrefail LC (Tigers)Regular Season
Feb 1, 20247:00 pmBeddau Knights 273Tigers Men33Beddau KnightsSenior League Match
Jan 28, 202412:15 pmU11 Tigers35Panthers A50Tonyrefail LC (Tigers)U11 Friendly Match
Jan 28, 202410:00 amU14 Tigers53Merthyr Mustangs43Tonyrefail LC (Tigers)U14 League Match
Jan 26, 20247:15 pmTigers Men43Beddau Knights 275Tonyrefail LC (Tigers)Senior League Match
Jan 21, 202412:00 pmSWANSEA STORM B23U14 Tigers64LC2 Swansea (Storm)U14 League Match
Jan 19, 20247:15 pmU14 Tigers51Port Talbot Spartans 83Tonyrefail LC (Tigers)U14 League Match
Jan 14, 202412:15 amU11 Tigers20Leadonites U120Tonyrefail LC (Tigers)Regular Season
Jan 12, 20247:15 pmNEWBRIDGE RAIDERS50U11 Tigers38Newbridge LCRegular Season
Jan 9, 20247:00 pmRCT GLADIATORS 273Tigers Men49Treorchy School (Gladiators)Senior League Match
Jan 5, 20247:15 pmU11 Tigers54Panthers B14Tonyrefail LC (Tigers)Regular Season
Dec 18, 20236:00 pmCARDIFF HUNTERS44U11 Tigers28Cathays High SchoolRegular Season
Dec 17, 20236:00 pmEBBW VALE VIKINGS62Tigers Men36Ebbw Vale Leisure CentreSenior League Match
Dec 13, 20236:00 pmCougars U1451U14 Tigers41Cynffig Comp School (Cougars)U14 League Match
Dec 10, 202310:00 amTigers Men37PONTYPRIDD PANTHERS71Tonyrefail LC (Tigers)Senior League Match
Dec 8, 20237:15 pmU11 Tigers22CARDIFF HUNTERS46Tonyrefail LC (Tigers)Regular Season
Dec 4, 20237:30 pmPontypridd Panthers U1470U14 Tigers27Hawthorn High School (Panthers)U14 League Match
Dec 2, 202311:10 amU10 Tigers6Vale Vipers A14Cowbridge Comp School (Vipers)U10 Tournament
Dec 2, 202310:30 amU10 Tigers6SWANSEA STORM18Cowbridge Comp School (Vipers)U10 Tournament
Dec 2, 202310:00 amU10 Tigers8Vale Vipers B20Cowbridge Comp School (Vipers)Regular Season
Dec 2, 20239:20 amU10 Tigers9Panthers A18Cowbridge Comp School (Vipers)U10 Tournament
Nov 24, 20237:15 pmU14 Tigers67CARDIFF HUNTERS85Tonyrefail LC (Tigers)U14 League Match
Nov 12, 202311:20 amLeadonites U1220U11 Tigers0John Masefield High SchoolRegular Season
Nov 6, 20238:30 pmMerthyr Mustangs46Tigers Men38The Engine House, Merthyr TydfilSenior League Match
Nov 5, 202310:00 amCardiff Archers B41U14 Tigers43Cardiff Met Archers (UWIC)U14 League Match
Oct 29, 202312:00 pmPanthers B6U10 Tigers11Tonyrefail LC (Tigers)U10 Tournament
Oct 29, 202311:30 amMerthyr Mustangs12U10 Tigers14Tonyrefail LC (Tigers)U10 Tournament
Oct 29, 202311:00 amPanthers A10U10 Tigers13Tonyrefail LC (Tigers)U10 Tournament
Oct 29, 202310:30 amMerthyr Mustangs6U10 Tigers8Tonyrefail LC (Tigers)U10 Tournament
Oct 29, 20239:00 amU14 Tigers0Newport Aces U1420Tonyrefail LC (Tigers)U14 League Match
Oct 27, 20237:15 pmTigers Men62EBBW VALE VIKINGS57Tonyrefail LC (Tigers)Senior Cup Match
Oct 26, 20238:30 pmMerthyr Mustangs31U14 Tigers57The Engine House, Merthyr TydfilU14 League Match
Oct 20, 20237:15 pmTigers Men42Caerphilly Cobras 284Tonyrefail LC (Tigers)Senior League Match
Oct 11, 20236:15 pmNewport Aces U1484U14 Tigers25John Frost HighU14 League Match
Oct 9, 20236:30 pmTigers Men48Llantwit Major Merlins39Tonyrefail LC (Tigers)Senior Friendly
Oct 6, 20237:15 pmU14 Tigers24Pontypridd Panthers U1470Tonyrefail LC (Tigers)U14 League Match
Oct 4, 20237:00 pmPONTYPRIDD PANTHERS77Tigers Men33Hawthorn High School (Panthers)Senior League Match
Sep 25, 20236:00 pmCSSC Storm Troopers U1446U14 Tigers50Robert Davies Health and Fitness, Dafen Ind EstateU14 League Match
Sep 23, 202311:00 amCOUGARS57U11 Tigers22Cynffig Comp School (Cougars)U12 Cup Match
Sep 22, 20237:15 pmTigers Men42Merthyr Mustangs75Tonyrefail LC (Tigers)Senior League Match
Sep 20, 20236:15 pmCougars U1463U14 Tigers26Cynffig Comp School (Cougars)U14 Cup Match
Sep 14, 20237:00 pmCSSC Storm Troopers 239Tigers Men56Swansea Bay Sports ParkSenior Cup Match

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