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TBDTBDU10 Tigers - PONTYPRIDD PANTHERS - Tonyrefail LC (Tigers)U10 Tournament
TBDTBDU10 Tigers - SWANSEA STORM - Tonyrefail LC (Tigers)Regular Season
TBDTBDU10 Tigers - VALE VIPERS - Tonyrefail LC (Tigers)U10 Tournament
Apr 8, 20227:15 pmU18 Tigers78Garw Valley U1846Tonyrefail LC (Tigers)U18 League Match
Apr 4, 20227:00 pmCaerphilly Cobras 374Tigers Men38Gwyndy SchoolSenior League Match
Apr 1, 20227:15 pmU18 Tigers88Cardiff Met Archers U18104Tonyrefail LC (Tigers)U18 League Match
Mar 28, 20228:00 pmCSSC Swansea Storm Troopers54Tigers Men32Morriston LCSenior League Match
Mar 25, 20227:15 pmU18 Tigers0Cardiff City U1820Tonyrefail LC (Tigers)U18 League Match
Mar 23, 20227:15 pmPontypridd Panthers U1820U18 Tigers0Hawthorn High School (Panthers)U18 League Match
Mar 18, 20227:15 pmTigers Men37Cardiff Hunters 353Tonyrefail LC (Tigers)Senior League Match
Mar 11, 20227:15 pmTigers Men74Pontypridd Panthers Men68Tonyrefail LC (Tigers)Senior League Match
Mar 10, 20226:15 pmCougars 356Tigers Men62Cynffig Comp School (Cougars)Senior League Match
Mar 6, 202212:15 pmTigers Men0Beddau Knights 220Tonyrefail LC (Tigers)Senior League Match
Mar 5, 202212:45 pmPanthers B20U10 Tigers19Hawthorn High School (Panthers)U10 Friendly
Mar 5, 202212:15 pmPanthers A19U10 Tigers16Hawthorn High School (Panthers)U10 Friendly
Mar 4, 20227:15 pmU18 Tigers78Cardiff City U1887Tonyrefail LC (Tigers)U18 SWBA Cup Match
Feb 25, 20227:15 pmU18 Tigers78Pontypridd Panthers U1895Tonyrefail LC (Tigers)U18 League Match
Feb 20, 202212:15 pmTigers Men0RCT Gladiators 220Tonyrefail LC (Tigers)Regular Season
Feb 19, 202212:00 pmU12 Tigers 21CAERPHILLY COBRAS36Tonyrefail LC (Tigers)U12 Friendly
Feb 15, 20226:30 pmSwansea Storm U1875U18 Tigers84LC2 Swansea (Storm)U18 League Match
Feb 14, 20227:00 pmNewport Aces68Tigers Men40Llanwern High School, (Newport) Regular Season
Feb 13, 20221:15 pmPanthers B10U12 Tigers 18Hawthorn High School (Panthers)U12 Friendly
Feb 13, 202212:45 pmPanthers A30U11 Tigers13Hawthorn High School (Panthers)U12 Friendly
Feb 13, 202212:15 pmPanthers B20U11 Tigers16Hawthorn High School (Panthers)U12 Friendly
Feb 13, 202211:45 amPanthers A26U12 Tigers 12Hawthorn High School (Panthers)U12 Friendly
Feb 12, 20221:15 pmPONTYPRIDD PANTHERS10U10 Tigers10Hawthorn High School (Panthers)U10 Tournament
Feb 12, 202212:45 pmSWANSEA STORM9U10 Tigers22Hawthorn High School (Panthers)U10 Tournament
Feb 12, 202212:15 pmVALE VIPERS13U10 Tigers10Hawthorn High School (Panthers)U10 Tournament
Feb 11, 20227:15 pmU18 Tigers61Garw Valley U1853Tonyrefail LC (Tigers)U18 Friendly
Feb 5, 202212:30 pmCOUGARS2U10 Tigers14Cowbridge Comp School (Vipers)U10 Tournament
Feb 5, 202212:00 pmVALE VIPERS8U10 Tigers10Cowbridge Comp School (Vipers)U10 Tournament
Feb 5, 202211:30 amPONTYPRIDD PANTHERS14U10 Tigers12Cowbridge Comp School (Vipers)U10 Tournament
Jan 23, 20227:15 pmTigers Men20Caerphilly Cobras 320Tonyrefail LC (Tigers)Regular Season
Jan 18, 20227:30 pmGarw Valley U1854U18 Tigers89Garw Valley LCRegular Season
Jan 14, 20227:15 pmTigers Men0Swansea Stormtroopers20Tonyrefail LC (Tigers)Regular Season
Dec 14, 20217:30 pmCardiff Hunters 353Tigers Men41Fitzalan High School, Cardiff, Lawrenny Avenue, CaRegular Season
Dec 12, 20217:00 pmTigers Men0Cougars 320Tonyrefail LC (Tigers)Regular Season
Dec 10, 20217:00 pmTigers Men20Cardiff Archers 220Tonyrefail LC (Tigers)Regular Season
Dec 3, 20218:30 pmCardiff Met Archers U1893U18 Tigers78Cardiff Met Archers (UWIC)U18 League Match
Nov 29, 20217:30 pmPONTYPRIDD PANTHERS70Tigers Men47UnknownRegular Season
Nov 27, 202112:15 pmCardiff City U1820U18 Tigers0House of SportU18 League Match
Nov 26, 20217:00 pmPontypridd Panthers U1470U14 Tigers34Hawthorn High School (Panthers)Regular Season
Nov 23, 20217:30 pmRCT Gladiators 249Tigers Men35Treorchy School (Gladiators)Regular Season
Nov 21, 20212:00 pmU12 Tigers 23GLADIATORS24Tonyrefail LC (Tigers)U12 Friendly
Nov 21, 20211:00 pmU10 Tigers12GLADIATORS20Tonyrefail LC (Tigers)U10 Friendly
Nov 21, 202111:00 amCardiff Archers 220Tigers Men0Cardiff Met Archers (UWIC)Regular Season
Nov 19, 20217:15 pmU18 Tigers61Swansea Storm U1868Tonyrefail LC (Tigers)U18 League Match
Nov 9, 20217:30 pmBeddau Knights 271Tigers Men49Beddau KnightsRegular Season
Nov 7, 20217:00 pmTigers Men20Newport Aces0Tonyrefail LC (Tigers)Regular Season
Oct 22, 20217:15 pmCardiff Met Archers U14B43U14 Tigers80Cardiff Met Archers (UWIC)Regular Season
Oct 17, 20212:00 pmU12 Tigers 14GLADIATORS22Tonyrefail LC (Tigers)U12 Friendly
Oct 17, 20211:00 pmU10 Tigers20GLADIATORS12Tonyrefail LC (Tigers)U10 Friendly
Oct 15, 20217:15 pmU14 Tigers61Cougars U1436Tonyrefail LC (Tigers)Regular Season
Oct 8, 20217:15 pmU14 Tigers42Cardiff Archers U16 Girls41Tonyrefail LC (Tigers)U14 Cup Match
Oct 3, 20212:00 pmU12 Tigers 10PONTYPRIDD PANTHERS25Tonyrefail LC (Tigers)U12 Friendly
Oct 3, 20211:00 pmU10 Tigers20PONTYPRIDD PANTHERS10Tonyrefail LC (Tigers)U10 Friendly
Sep 27, 20217:30 pmCardiff Hunters 364Tigers Men27Fitzalan High School, Cardiff, Lawrenny Avenue, CaSenior Cup Match

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