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TBD7:30 pmSwansea Storm U14 - U14 Tigers - LC2 Swansea (Storm)U14 League Match
TBD7:00 pmU14 Tigers0Newport Aces U1420Tonyrefail LC (Tigers)U14 Cup Match
Apr 2, 20231:30 pmU14 Tigers - Swansea Storm U14 - Tonyrefail LC (Tigers)U14 League Match
Mar 27, 20236:00 pmCSSC Storm Troopers U1450U14 Tigers53Morriston LCU14 League Match
Mar 25, 202311:45 pmVale Vipers A26U10 Tigers20Cadoxton Primary School, Barry (Vipers)U10 Tournament Finals
Mar 25, 202310:45 pmVale Vipers B13U10 Tigers14Cadoxton Primary School, Barry (Vipers)U10 Tournament
Mar 25, 202310:00 pmSWANSEA STORM26U10 Tigers24Cadoxton Primary School, Barry (Vipers)U10 Tournament
Mar 12, 20233:45 pmVALE VIPERS8U12 Tigers 18Hawthorn High School (Panthers)U12 Quadrangular Tournament
Mar 12, 20232:15 pmPanthers B12U12 Tigers 18Hawthorn High School (Panthers)U12 Quadrangular Tournament
Mar 12, 20231:45 pmSWANSEA STORM A12U12 Tigers 6Hawthorn High School (Panthers)U12 Quadrangular Tournament
Mar 11, 20231:30 pmPanthers B21U10 Tigers46Hawthorn High School (Panthers)U10 Triangular Tournament
Mar 11, 202312:50 pmPort Talbot Spartans 52U10 Tigers33Hawthorn High School (Panthers)U10 Triangular Tournament
Mar 5, 20231:00 pmU14 Tigers38Cougars U1465Tonyrefail LC (Tigers)U14 League Match
Mar 4, 202310:00 amCougars U1029U10 Tigers71Cynffig Comp School (Cougars)U10 Triangular Tournament
Mar 3, 20237:00 pmTigers Men83Amman Valley47Tonyrefail LC (Tigers)Senior League Match
Mar 1, 20236:00 pmCougars U1455U14 Tigers40Cynffig Comp School (Cougars)U14 League Match
Feb 17, 20237:15 pmTigers Men63CSSC Storm Troopers 265Tonyrefail LC (Tigers)Senior League Match
Feb 11, 20231:00 pmSWANSEA STORM A17U12 Tigers 12LC2 Swansea (Storm)U12 Quadrangular Tournament
Feb 11, 202311:45 amPanthers B12U12 Tigers 12LC2 Swansea (Storm)U12 Quadrangular Tournament
Feb 11, 202310:45 amVALE VIPERS12U12 Tigers 28LC2 Swansea (Storm)U12 Quadrangular Tournament
Feb 10, 20237:00 pmU14 Tigers40Port Talbot Spartans 63Tonyrefail LC (Tigers)U14 League Match
Feb 3, 20237:00 pmTigers Men47Merthyr Mustangs83Tonyrefail LC (Tigers)Senior League Match
Jan 29, 20231:00 pmU14 Tigers45Cardiff Met Archers U14B53Tonyrefail LC (Tigers)U14 League Match
Jan 28, 20231:00 pmVALE VIPERS14U12 Tigers 18Cowbridge Comp School (Vipers)U12 Quadrangular Tournament
Jan 28, 202311:45 amPanthers A15U12 Tigers 16Cowbridge Comp School (Vipers)U12 Quadrangular Tournament
Jan 28, 202311:15 amSWANSEA STORM A20U12 Tigers 12Cowbridge Comp School (Vipers)U12 Quadrangular Tournament
Jan 27, 20237:15 pmAmman Valley40Tigers Men72Amman Valley Leisure Centre Margaret Street,Senior League Match
Jan 23, 20238:00 pmCSSC Storm Troopers 265Tigers Men56Morriston LCSenior League Match
Jan 13, 20237:15 pmTigers Men48Merthyr Mustangs78Tonyrefail LC (Tigers)Senior Cup Match
Jan 8, 20231:00 pmPanthers A29U10 Tigers35Tonyrefail LC (Tigers)U10 Tournament
Dec 17, 20223:00 pmNewport Aces28U12 Tigers 10USW Treforest Sport ParkU12 Quadrangular Tournament
Dec 17, 20222:00 pmCaerphilly Cobras U123U12 Tigers 16USW Treforest Sport ParkU12 Quadrangular Tournament
Dec 17, 20221:00 pmPanthers A10U12 Tigers 13USW Treforest Sport ParkU12 Quadrangular Tournament
Dec 11, 20222:30 pmU12 Tigers 21Panthers B7Tonyrefail LC (Tigers)U12 Friendly
Dec 11, 20222:00 pmU12 Tigers 11Panthers A11Tonyrefail LC (Tigers)U12 Friendly
Dec 11, 202212:30 pmU10 Tigers31Panthers A19Tonyrefail LC (Tigers)U10 Quadrangular Tournament
Dec 4, 20221:00 pmU14 Tigers29CSSC Storm Troopers U1443Tonyrefail LC (Tigers)U14 League Match
Nov 26, 20221:00 pmNewport Aces18U10 Tigers9Hawthorn High School (Panthers)U10 Tournament
Nov 26, 20221:00 pmPanthers A4U10 Tigers15Hawthorn High School (Panthers)U10 Tournament
Nov 25, 20227:15 pmTigers Men55Amman Valley25Tonyrefail LC (Tigers)Senior Friendly
Nov 23, 20227:15 pmPort Talbot Spartans 46U14 Tigers15Cefn Saeson Comprehensive School, SA113TU14 League Match
Nov 13, 202210:00 amCardiff Met Archers U14B50U14 Tigers40Cardiff Met Archers (UWIC)U14 League Match
Nov 11, 20227:00 pmU14 Tigers39RCT Gladiators U1435Tonyrefail LC (Tigers)U14 Friendly
Oct 24, 20228:00 pmMerthyr Mustangs67Tigers Men43Heolddu leisure centre, Mountain Road BargoedSenior League Match
Oct 21, 20227:00 pmTigers Men45Cardiff Eagles110Tonyrefail LC (Tigers)Senior League Match
Oct 15, 20224:00 pmCardiff Eagles84Tigers Men48University Hospital of WalesSenior League Match
Oct 15, 20221:00 pmCaerphilly Cobras U1214U12 Tigers 18Abervalley YMCAU12 Triangular Tournament
Oct 15, 202212:00 pmPanthers B28U12 Tigers 14Abervalley YMCAU12 Triangular Tournament
Sep 27, 20226:30 pmSwansea Storm U1820U18 Tigers0LC2 Swansea (Storm)U18 SWBA Cup Match
Sep 23, 20227:00 pmTigers Men88Amman Valley41Tonyrefail LC (Tigers)Senior Cup Match

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