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Player NamePosition
Max Evans
Brooklyn GiboneyCentre
Calvin RobinsCentre / Forward
Harri WelshCentre / Forward
Harri WelshCentre / Forward
James  AlfordForward
Player NamePosition
Ethan AtkinsForward
Gethin BaylissForward
Harrison BrayForward
Luke CaradangForward
Isabelle CartwrightForward
Abigail CliffordForward
Player NamePosition
Joshua DaviesForward
James EvansForward
Liam GoodwinForward
Sam GriffithsForward
Anya HicksForward
Jacob  HolmesForward
Player NamePosition
Jack JonesForward
Mason JonesForward
Morgan LarkeForward
Jay LightfootForward
Rylee LlewellynForward
Evan MorganForward
Player NamePosition
Ivy MorganForward
Osian NashForward
Gethin OwenForward
Jake ReesForward
Ieuan RollsForward
Tom RoweForward
Player NamePosition
Ifan Summerhill-DaviesForward
Ethan ThomasForward
Harley UdyForward
Zain WaltersForward
Kristian WatkinsForward
Euan WilliamsForward
Player NamePosition
Jack WilliamsForward
Ollie WilliamsForward
Kian  WilliamsForward
Cameron WitheyForward
Rhys CorneliusForward / Centre
Harri BunstonGuard
Player NamePosition
Dylan EvansGuard
Ieuan EvansGuard
Ellis HeardGuard
Charlie SimsGuard
Jacob GibbonsGuard / Forward
Maizie HollandGuard / Forward
Player NamePosition
Mcauly JonesGuard / Forward
Mcauly JonesGuard / Forward
Evan ParsonsGuard / Forward
Corey VranchGuard / Forward
Logan WilliamsGuard / Forward
Mackenzie WilliamsGuard / Forward

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